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Soul Strum – A Rebirth and an Ode

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this little world I call Soul Strum.  It’s where playing guitar has meaning beyond just the sound.  Strumming for your soul – it’s an idea you’ve seen in action many times.  A musician closes her eyes and completely loses herself in a moment.  A beginner guitarist plays a C major chord with ease and his eyes widen.  A songwriter knows what she’s just written is so much bigger than she can understand.

The soul speaks through the strum.  That’s simple but the result is deep and far-reaching.

And I’m giving lessons (or, really, having “sessions”) with beginner and intermediate guitarists to achieve that reveling moment … and series of continuous moments even when the guitar’s in it’s case … although I don’t recommend doing that to your dear guitar!

Stick with me over the next months, year and beyond as Soul Strum evolves, as you evolve, and together we’ll create some beautiful music.

For today, I’ll leave you with a video that’s poignant.  Gregory Alan Isakov epitomizes the soul strummer.  Give him a try.  Tell all your friends.